Turnkey PCB Assembly Services for Prototyping and Volume Production

BGA Assembly

Rigao Electronics started to provides the BGA assembly service since 2010 and we brought in X-Ray machine at the same time. The BGA types we produced are TinyBGA, PBGA, FCBGA, TBGA and other complex, these finished electronic circuit board assembly are used in various industries.


We have very highly precise SMT equipment and BGA rework station in our workshop, the fine pitch of BGA we can produce is 13.8 mil (0.35mm), here in our workshop, we can provide BGA assembly, BGA rework and BGA reballing services, this enable us provide BGA assembly services to our customers from prototypes to volume production.

X-Ray Inspecting for BGA Assembly

Rigao Electronics use X-Ray machine to detect defective welding spot of BGA. All the first sample and prototypes need do the X-Ray inspecting process if there is BGA component on this PCB assembly boards, also the spot check in volume production, the engineering staff will make adjustments according to the X-ray test results to ensure that the PCB assembly board with BGA can fully meet the IPC standards. The results of X-Ray inspecting for BGA assembly will help us find the defects like open circuit and short circuit, as well as cold solder joints in the BGA solder balls.


The X-Ray inspecting report will be sent to our customers before shipping for all the finished PCB assembly boards which with BGA components on it. 


Please feel free to contact us (RFQ@rigao-pcba.com) if you have any other special request on the BGA assembly.

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