Turn-Key Electronics Manufacturing Services for PCB Assembly and Printed Circuit Boards Fabrication

Smt Assembly

Rigao Electronics is an expert at SMT assembly manufacturing, who own eight automatic SMT assembly lines. Well trained employees on the basis of IPC standards and high-level work requirements, which enable Rigao Electronics team to provides high quality PCB Fabrication and SMT assembly to our clients. We will do the all-around quality control inspecting including Visual Inspections, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), X-Ray Inspection and Function Test if need before shipping to our clients.


Below package types we can assemble
√ uBGA
√ 0201 Chips

How to get assembly quotation and place order

Please prepare following files and send it to us, you will get the quotation file within 24 hours
1.PCB Design File (like gerber file)
2.BOM file (Bill of Material)

Below information are we need for SMT assembly before production

1.PCB Design File (for stencil)
2.Coordinates File (also called pick and place file or centroid file)
3.Bitmap File (silk screen layer)
4.BOM File (Bill of Material)