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PCB Prototype or Prototyping is often essential with the development of new products and application. Prototypes can eliminate issues early on before larger volumes of boards are produced, can allow for clarification and refinement of requirements, allow a more accurate finial design and reducing rework costs, can highlight both the seen and unforeseen technical issues allow these to be address up front.


At Rigao Electronics we understand the ‘Need for Speed’ when trying to get a new product to market. To this end we offer a comprehensive Printed Circuit Board Prototype PCB Service. No matter is prototype or mass production, our turn around on orders ranges from 24 hour prototyping services to 3~10 days’ standard lead-times, on normal orders, including scheduled and regular monthly call off requirements.


We know that outsourcing your design for manufacture is a big decision, especially to China. But to do business with Rigao Electronics you don’t have worry something, we work closely with our customers at every stage, you can expect good communication from here to guaranty your projects produce correctly with delivery on time.


Rigao Electronics, a partner you can trust!